Horoscopes: What Are The Traits Of Your Sagittarius Baby?

If your due date is between November 23 and December 21 you’re probably excitedly awaiting your little ones arrival. Wondering if they’ll look like you, whether they’ll sleep through the night, will they be cheeky or shy, needy or independent? Worry no more we’re here to give you some insight into the traits of your Sagittarius baby.

Sagittarius babies are curious, energetic and have an incurable thirst for adventure so you’ll definitely have your hands full with this little one! Watch our though your baby is a wild one, loves to take big risks and often takes on more than they can chew!  So make sure not to let them out of your sight for too long or you might find them doing something dangerous as a Sagittarius baby can be a little reckless.

Enthusiastic and extroverted your little one loves the great outdoors, so make sure to take them outside as often as possible. Take the pram for a walk around your local park, wrap up warm and star gaze in your garden or go on an urban adventure and discover new places. Don’t be afraid to mix things up, Sagittarius’ welcome change and adapt easily to new situations, try out different play groups, meet new people and explore different options. Your Sagittarius baby is sure to bring out your adventurous side so embrace it and enjoy!

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