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Mama Mantras To Help You De-Stress

Mama Mantras To Help You De-Stress
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Some days being a Mum or a mama-to-be is especially difficult. Whether for all you pregnant ladies it’s the back pain, swollen ankles, dry skin or sleepless nights (to name just a few!)  Or for new Mamas the temper tantrums, fussy eaters, a constant cycle of mess and more sleepless nights! Being a Mum is one of the most gratifying things in the world but it can also be really, really challenging. We’ve put together a list of things to tell yourself when things are feeling particularly tough. Remind yourself of our Mama Mantras to de-stress and get you through those difficult moments!

Mama Mantras:

  • I trust myself and that the decisions that I make are the best for me and my family
  • I’ve worked hard and achieved so much, I’ve got this!
  • I can cope with anything and everything that comes my way
  • It’s okay to ask for help, it doesn’t mean I can’t cope
  • I am thankful for the all amazing things and people I’ve been granted in life
  • My happiness is necessary, so I will not neglect it
  • Its more than fine to take some ‘me-time’ and to relax without feeling like I’m being selfish
  • It’s all going to be OK!

And if you need some extra moments of tranquillity take a deep breath and repeat! Everyone finds motherhood difficult, you’re not alone and when it feels like you’re at your worst, remember it’s all going to be OK!

Setting time aside for yourself can really help you cope with the everyday stresses of motherhood, schedule some time in for you. Have a bath, light a candle and spend some much needed relaxing ‘me-time.’

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Writer and expert
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