What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag?

You’re almost there, mama! You’ve made it to the final str-e-tch. Giving birth can be an overwhelming experience, so it’s best to make sure that you’re well prepared with your hospital bag essentials.

Packing your birth overnight bag at the last minute is stressful and many mamas are unsure as to when to pack a hospital bag. So, we recommend creating a hospital bag checklist and packing it a few weeks before your due date just in case your baby decides to arrive early! Read on to discover what to pack in a hospital bag and the essentials you will need to help keep you prepped to push and ready for your little one’s arrival.  

For Mama 

1. Birth plan

Although nothing is set in stone and every birth is different, it is good to have a rough plan of action as one of your hospital bag essentials, Mama! This can include the pain medication that you’re considering and who you would like in the room when your bundle of joy enters the world. 

hospital bag essentials birth plan

2. Socks and slippers

Believe it or not, many mamas report getting cold feet during labour. So, packing a couple of pairs of thick, cosy socks in your birth overnight bag is essential to ensure that your feet stay warm and toasty, mama! You’ll want to bring a pair of comfy slippers with you for when you’re walking around the hospital ward. 

hospital bag essentials socks

3. Dressing gown and pyjamas

It might be a long night, Mama. Pack a soft dressing gown and loosefitting pyjamas for when you’re pacing around the ward, trying to help get your little one on the move!

Hospital bag essentials pyjamas

4. Snacks

Listen up mama, this is perhaps the most important part! Eating small amounts of food during labour helps to give you the energy you’ll need to push. So, we recommend packing items such as fruit, vegetable sticks, crackers and healthy cereal bars to nibble on to help keep your energy levels maintained. Don’t forget to drink lots of water as staying hydrated will help to increase stamina for pushing! This is definitely one to put up high on your hospital bag checklist.

hospital bag essentials snacks

5. A comfortable pillow

Your hospital will provide you with pillows (but they might not be very comfortable, Mama). It’s best to bring along a couple of your favourite pillows so that your neck and back is supported while you push, push, push!   

hospital bag essentials pillow

6. Bras

Boobs can be challenging at the best of times, but during labour your breasts are likely to feel a bit tender and swollen due to all those racing hormones, mama! Make sure to pack a couple of seamless bras to ensure that your gals are comforted and supported. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, bring along a couple of nursing bras for an easier nursing experience. 

Don’t forget to pack our Pregnancy Boob Tube that is expertly formulated to soothe growing boobs! Clinically proven to increase skin elasticity, this deeply hydrating cream is packed-full of plant-based actives helping to protect against stretch marks. Don’t worry mama, it is perfectly safe for use during breastfeeding, just remove any excess from the nipple before baby latches on. 

*Independent consumer trial.

7. Breast pads

You might not need these straight away, as you will only produce small amounts of colostrum before your milk comes in around 3-4 days after giving birth. But, be sure to pack a few just in case you experience any leakages! 

hospital bag essentials breast pads

8. Underwear

Whether you’re having a c-section or giving birth vaginally, loose-fitting underwear is an essential to include in your birth overnight bag as post-labour mamas can feel a bit sore and tender. 

hospital bag essentials underwear

9. Maternity pads

Don’t panic, mama! Post-partum bleeding is completely normal, however unlike a period it may last for a few weeks. Be sure to pack plenty (and we mean plenty) high-absorbency maternity pads to avoid any unwanted leaks. During the first six-weeks post-partum nothing should be inserted into the vagina until the doctor has given you the all clear, so definitely avoid tampons!  


hospital bag essentials maternity pads

10. Toiletries

You probably won’t be needing to pack any makeup (although some mamas prefer to be wearing a little for the photos!) Make sure to pack your hospital bag essentials including your toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, facial cleanser and a hairbrush. Top tip: make sure that you and your partner use a natural, unscented deodorant as this helps with the bonding process so that baby can get used to your own unique scent. 

Don’t forget to pack our Hospital Bag Skincare Essentials Bundle as it complete with our Megamama shower milk, ideal to soothe and moisturise your skin for that first post-birth shower and our Keep Calm nipple balm to help support you if you’re experiencing some soreness.It includes our Megamama Shower Milk packed-full of nourishing omegas to gently cleanse and soothe skin post-labour and our best-selling Tummy Rub Butter that is clinical proven* to increase skin elasticity and moisture, helping protect against stretch marks (yes you can get them post-labour too!) For breastfeeding mamas, use our breastfeeding safe and 100% natural Nipple Balm to protect and soothe dry and cracked nipples before baby latches on.

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For Baby 

1. Baby grows

Congratulations mama! Your little one is finally safe in your arms. Make sure you’ve packed 2-3 baby grows as chances are that baby will probably have a few spit-up incidents. 

hospital bag essentials baby grows

2. Nappies 

If you’re unsure as to what to pack in a hospital bag for your baby, start with nappies, mama. Studies suggest that new-born babies go through about 12 nappies a day!  That’s a lot of nappy changes!

hospital bag essentials nappies

3. Going home outfit

Bringing your baby home is the first big milestone in their life, so you’ll want to do it in style, mama! As we are entering the colder months, pick an outfit that makes sure your baby is warm, snug and comfortable. Hats, booties and mitts are hospital bag essentials as your baby doesn’t know how to regulate their body temperature yet. 

hospital bag essentials going home outfit

4. Muslin squares

These are hospital bag essentials for mopping-up any milk that baby brings up. It will happen often, mama, so put this one at the top of your hospital bag checklist!

hospital bag essentials muslin squares

5. Baby blanket

Although maternity wards are kept very warm, your baby will still need a blanket to stop them from getting chilly. Some mamas keep their little one’s baby blanket as they grow up to remind them of that nostalgic new born baby smell that we all know and love.  

hospital bag essentials baby blanket

For advice on how to choose the perfect maternity bra for breastfeeding, we’ve put together a few simple tips and tricks on how find the perfect one for you, here.

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