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Nervous About Post-Lockdown? Here’s How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower

Nervous About Post-Lockdown? Here’s How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower
Annie Buckley
Writer and expert3 years ago
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It's completely normal to feel a little worried about post-lockdown life, mama! We have been cooped up in our homes for so long, that the thought of big family gatherings or seeing friends can feel a bit nerve-wracking. So, why not host a virtual baby shower instead?

Keep scrolling to discover our tips on how to host the perfect virtual baby shower so you can still celebrate whilst staying safe at home...
Virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

So, you've decided to host a virtual baby shower. Firstly, amazing news! We're living in scary and tough times but this should not deter us from being positive and celebrating the good things in life. The anticipation of a new baby arriving is most definitely something to commemorate and it's bound to give Mama a boost during her final leg of the pregnancy journey. If you're feeling nervous about meeting friends and family face to face, setting up a video call can be just as special; you could even record the call so that you have it to look back on forever! Unsure where to start? Here's a bit of a checklist:

Collate A Guest List

  • Baby showers, even virtual ones, are the ideal opportunity to get all the people who have supported you together so that you can all share in the excitement and they can share their love before the baby (or babies) arrive. The best part about an online party is that you can invite as many people as you want without the price tag of a 'real-life' bash!

Schedule A Call

  • It's a good idea to pre-schedule the virtual baby shower in advance so that the invitees can be prepared. Choose an easy platform such as Zoom or Blue Jeans and create your event prior to the big day so that you can include the link in your invites. You could even send over some instructions attached to your invite just to make sure that those less tech-savvy feel comfortable with logging on and joining the call on the day!

Send A Reminder

  • Once everyone has RSVP'd to the virtual party, set up a call with those who are attending so that you can keep in touch with them throughout the planning process. You may need their help for games or for seeking out baby pics of the Mama-to-be! It also means you can collectively send them a casual reminder in a message to say how much you're looking forward to the baby shower.

Virtual Baby Shower Invitations

Virtual baby showers are a rather new concept but one thing that doesn't have to change is the invitations. Make sure you get everyone's address and post your invitations out to the whole baby shower group a few weeks before the party. Invitations are the ideal opportunity to get creative and add some personality to the event. Choose a pre-designed baby shower invitation that you can personalise with Mama's name and details of the party or, if your artsy, make your own!

Do you have a photograph of the Mama as a baby? This could make the perfect focal point of the invitation if you're looking for an element of fun. For the Mama's invitation, you could send her a few gifts too to get her in the mood for the big celebration. A 'Mummy To Be' sash to wear during the shower, maybe, or a baby guest book full of messages from loved ones that she can keep forever and eventually show her little one (ones)?

Image of an invitation to a virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower Games

Even though your baby shower is virtual, that doesn't mean that it can't still be fun! There are plenty of entertaining and amusing games that you can play with family and friends, that will definitely give everyone the giggles!

  • Name That Baby Tune

Create a playlist of songs that contain the word 'baby' (there's a lot more than you thought) and see if your guests can guess the name and artist of the song!

  • Who Knows Mama Best?

From her first job to where she grew up and the due date of her baby. Ask your guests personal questions about the Mama-to-be and find out who knows her best!

  • Predict The Gender

At the end of your virtual baby shower, ask your guests to write down or email you the gender that they think your little bundle of joy is. It doesn't have to be limited to the gender, it can be the baby's height, weight, eye colour, hair colour - the list is endless! Once the baby has arrived, the person with the correct/closest answers wins! If you're feeling generous mama, you could even send them a little prize in the post.

Virtual baby shower


Virtual Baby Shower Gifts

Although we can't be with Mama in person, we can still spoil her rotten! Being pregnant during lockdown can be tough on Mamas-to-be; it's likely that they'll feel more anxious about going into hospital and giving birth - even after the lockdown has ended. So, we need to be here for her more than ever.

The shower is the perfect time to gift Mama with lots of treats. If you're planning a virtual baby shower, make sure that everyone sends their baby shower gifts to Mama before the party so that she can open them with you all during the event. Our Fourth Trimester Bundles are ideal for supporting and protecting her skin after baby arrives and ensuring that she takes some time out for some self care. As she's preparing for the birth in her third trimester, the Hospital Bag Bundle is also a worthy option to help her pack her maternity bag. If you want to really treat Mama, our Bloomin Lovely Bundle is the ideal pamper kit for helping her maintain her glow.

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Annie Buckley
Writer and expert
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