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Blissful Babymoons – Where To Go And What To Pack

Blissful Babymoons – Where To Go And What To Pack
Annie Buckley
Writer and expert8 years ago
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Are you normally someone that does a last minute pack the night before you go on holiday? Whilst this might normally be okay, if you're pregnant then you probably need to re-think your pre-holiday preparation. The Mama Mio team have collated some of our best tips on how to choose your destination and what to pack for your holiday to ensure you have a blissful babymoon!

Where to travel to?

Destination: When choosing your destination, you should consider where you and your partner will both be able to have an enjoyable time. This means ensuring there is enough pregnant friendly activities to keep you occupied. Whilst most people envision babymoons as relaxing holidays spent reading books and taking cheeky afternoon snoozes, we know this isn't for everyone. If you are both normally active people that can't bear to sit still then make sure there are some nice easy walks or low impact activities to do.

Health restrictions: Look at your government website to see if any of the destinations you plan to travel have any experiencing any health outbreaks or epidemics. Also remember that you will not be able to have certain vaccinations during pregnancy because the live bacteria or viruses may harm the baby. Consult your GP before you choose your destination to ensure you are safe to travel to your proposed destination.

Medical facilities: Before you leave, check to see what medical facilities are available on your babymoon and save their telephone numbers into your phone in case of emergency.


Flight restrictions: Most doctors suggest that it is okay to fly up to 36 weeks if you have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. However some airlines only allow women up to 28 weeks pregnant to fly with them due to the risks of premature labour. Check with your airline before you book your flights and ask if you will need to present clearance from your physician to board your airline.

Blot clots: Flying over five hours can result in blood clots regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. Most airlines suggest that keeping yourself hydrated and moving around regularly can help to reduce clotting.

Book a good seat: Another really helpful tip is to reserve an aisle seat not to far from the bathroom. Your baby will be getting rather big by that stage and your bladder will thank you for being close to the bathroom!

What to take with you?

An extra pillow: If you are traveling to your babymoon in the car then it might be helpful to take an extra pillow with you. This will ensure you can get a good night's sleep and support your growing belly. It might also be useful if you want to take a nap or support your back or belly in the car.

Comfortable, easy to remove shoes. Swollen feet are a common symptom during pregnancy and this can be exacerbated if you are flying. Taking a pair of easy to remove shoes that will be forgiving if your feet start to expand!

Layers with room: Pregnant women can attest that their temperature can fluctuate like mad when they are pregnant. Make sure that you pack clothes which you can layer depending on how hot or cold you are. Also ensure you have enough loose clothing to accommodate your bump if it decides to have a growth spurt while you are away.

Mama Mio Blissful Babymoon


Of course it goes without saying that you should tell always tell your Physician when and where you are going on your babymoon and leave an itinerary with someone close to you. Other than that, all that is left to do is pick a destination and enjoy your baby moon!

Annie Buckley
Writer and expert
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