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The Secrets To Maternity Dressing

The Secrets To Maternity Dressing
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Found that pregnancy makes it impossible to get dressed in the morning? Discover our maternity dressing secrets to keep you looking chic and feeling comfy...

You Don't Have To Buy Maternity

The first secret to maternity dressing is that you don't actually have to buy maternity clothing. OK so your pre-baby clothing isn't going to quite cut it for the whole 9 month stretch but that doesn't mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to fit your growing bump. Re-purpose stretchy dresses and tops, oversized shirts and jumpers can still be worn (they might just be a little more snug) and remember fab jewellery and gorgeous handbags are stylish no matter the month.

You definitely don't need to dress 'mumsy' whilst pregnant, you can still be just as stylish, wear your favourite brands and feel like yourself you just need to make a couple little adjustments as your pregnancy progresses.  Nine in the Mirror stocks the most gorgeous clothes from a whole host of designers, some maternity, some not and all super chic. You can even choose to shop by trimester to help you dress your bump as your pregnancy progresses. The amazing thing about this brand- you can continue to wear these gorgeous pieces years after baby arrives.

Simply Does It

The easiest way to look super chic whilst pregnant? Simplicity. Highlight your bump in an amazingly form fitting dress, or carefully conceal in gorgeously tailored and chic ensembles. Either way you've already got the ultimate accessory, your bump, so there's no need to go over the top with anything else. Maternity dressing made easy.

Invest In A Great Pair Of Jeans

If you're going to buy one maternity piece let it be a pair of maternity pants that make you look and feel fantastic. 7 For All Mankind have a amazing pair here, and if you don't feel like breaking the bank Topshop maternity will keep you looking and feeling super stylish yet still super comfy.

Comfort Is Key

Go for comfort, every time. That's not to say wear see-through leggings and your partner's shirt to the office, but neither you nor bump is going to be happy in too tight jeans, the wrong sized bra and 6 inch stilettos.  Find items that suit your own personal style and are also comfy and you'll have the key to maternity dressing.

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Writer and expert
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