Here at Mama Mio we know that family activities can easily become repetitive. Keeping the kids entertained is a mammoth task, and it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly! For many busy parents, simply finding the time to head to the gym is an impossible task. The needs of a child always come first, but what many fail to recognise is that a family can keep fit together! From new born babies to those who are about to fly the nest, we have created a list of engaging and imaginative activities for all the family!

Family Acitvities : Pre-Dinner Walks

Going on a walk may seem like a tedious activity, especially to a child. But why not take a walk to your local park? Make it fun with little games such as hopping or skipping some of the way? Embrace your evening together and take the opportunity to grab some fresh air! It’s also a great way to build up an appetite before your dinner!

A gentle 30 minute family walk burns approx. 60 calories.

Weekly Sports Nights

If you live near a park or the local playing fields, this is perfect for you. If not, haul your family in the car and get yourself there.  It’s a great way to get your family working as a team, especially when a bit of competition is involved! Anything from scarecrow tag to dodgeball is welcome, but the more creative the better.

30 minutes of fun games burns approx. 135 calories.

Explore the UK

The UK has so much to offer and it’s literally right on your doorstep! Let your children’s imagination and legs run wild by taking them to a castle or a historical abbey. Or why not build a sandcastle and fly a kite on one of our many beautiful beaches? With 15 national parks for us to discover, there’s endless possibilities when it comes to family adventures.

Hiking in the countryside burns for 30 minutes burns approx. 125 calories.

children running

Fun Chores

Chores don’t have to be boring – all it takes is a little idea and a lot of imagination. Why not pretend that the house has been invaded by tiny piranhas and you have to tidy up before they eat the whole house; or while folding laundry guess whose under belongs to who by running to their room. Family activities can help you keep the house clean too!

Completing household chores burns approx. 68 calories every 30 minutes.

Do a Little Dance

Choose a song each, turn up the volume and dance like your life depends on it! Why not have a dance off too?! Even the dad dance could make an appearance! Get groovy and go crazy. It’s not your average family activity, but who wants to be part of an average family?

Dancing for just 15 minutes burns approx. 94 calories.


If you’ve got the luxury of a garden, use it! Create a vegetable patch and teach your kids how to go your own vegetables then use them in a recipe. You could even plant your favourite flowers and watch them grow. Sunflowers are a fab addition to any garden! A great idea would be to plant a sunflower each and see whose grows the tallest.

Did you know that you can burn approx. 51 calories gardening for 15 minutes.

Bike Ride

Cycling is the perfect family activity. Plan a route and get on your bike! For younger riders, why not attach a child seat to your bike so no one has to miss out! Cycling is a great way to keep fit while making the most of our beautiful countryside.

Only 15 minutes of cycling burns approx. 100 calories.

Play Twister

A classic game which is a workout without even realising it! Introduce your kids to how we used to have fun before technology took over!

1 Hour of Twister will burn on average 100 calories!

Fly a Kite

On a windy day take a trip to the seaside and teach the kids how to fly a kite! You’re guaranteed to be running up and down the beach all day!

You can burn a whopping 500 calories in an hour!

Get a Dog

If all else fails, just get a dog.

Chasing a dog for 15 minutes can burn approx. 150 calories.

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

Writer and expert