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How to Help With Excess Sweating During Pregnancy

How to Help With Excess Sweating During Pregnancy
Josie Wilkins
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You're simply glowing, Mama! It's well known that carrying baby can do wonders for the skin. However, the reason behind that glistening complexion may double as one of the less desirable aspects of going from bump to baby. That's right, we're talking about sweating during pregnancy. An increase in perspiration sprinkled on top of the extra weight, swelling and discomfort is something that absolutely nobody asked for. However, it's all part of the journey, Mama!

But just how much sweating is considered normal? And will it ever end? Here's all you need to know about sweating during pregnancy.

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Is sweating a lot during pregnancy normal?

First things first, let's clarify that sweating during pregnancy is perfectly normal. What's more, sweating a lot during pregnancy is just as common.

Sweating is your body's way to naturally help keep you cool, Mama! During pregnancy, your body temperatures increase for a multitude of reasons. One being, of course, that you're carrying around a mini-you in your belly. This extra weight along with hormonal changes and increased blood volume all contribute to those hot flushes and sweatiness!

Sweating a lot during pregnancy is certainly a bit of a nuisance. However, it's actually very important for both you and baby, Mama. Sweating cools you down and will stop you from overheating, which can be dangerous for you both.

When sweating a lot during pregnancy, you can try the loose clothing and hand-held fans but it's best to get yourself a high-quality deodorant too, Mama. You may be extra cautious about what you're putting in and on your body but fear not. We've created an aluminium-free, pregnancy-safe deodorant for you!

Is excessive sweating after pregnancy normal?

The first and third trimesters are the periods when you may find yourself the sweatiest. However, it can also continue on until after your little bundle of joy has entered the world. That's right, hold onto your Mama Mio Oh Natural Pregnancy Deodorant because excessive sweating can continue after pregnancy too!

The postpartum period is said to typically last 6 weeks, although some symptoms, including those post-pregnancy sweats, can continue on for longer.

During this time, your body will go through plenty of changes, Mama. These changes can come with side effects. Excessive sweating after pregnancy, both during the day and at night are usually caused by decreased levels of oestrogen and progesterone. These hormones decrease once your pregnancy journey is complete. Your body is adjusting to returning to life without a bump and no longer needs them as much. The changes in these hormone levels can lead to an increase or decrease in body temperature.

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You may also notice excessive sweating after pregnancy as your body is trying to get rid of the excess fluid it has been carrying for over 9 months. In fact, it is said that your body may take on up to 50 percent more blood and bodily fluid during pregnancy to support your baby’s growth.

Are night sweats normal in pregnancy?

So we've established that those hot flushes you might feel throughout the day are perfectly fine, but are night sweats normal in pregnancy?

Just like day-time sweating during pregnancy, night sweats are nothing to be concerned about either. Unfortunately, uncomfortably warm nights are just another part of bringing your special one into the world.

How early do night sweats start in pregnancy?

If you've just began to embark on your journey and are wondering how early night sweats start in pregnancy, it may be earlier than you think.

Hint: they can show their signs well before the bump!

In fact, it's quite surprising how early night sweats start in pregnancy and it is during these primary weeks that they can be at their worst.

Although night sweats can start as early as the first two to three weeks of your journey, along with intense sweating during pregnancy, they tend to calm down over the nine months. However, that's not to say they'll stop completely. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they may increase again closer to your due date when more hormonal changes take place!

What causes night sweats in early pregnancy

Similar to day time sweating during pregnancy, night sweats can have plenty of causes.

The reason why night sweats can start so early on in the pregnancy is because your hormones are on overdrive during the first Trimester. Aside from the usual bump hormones you may already know about like progesterone, prolactin and oxytocin, there are also thyroid stimulating hormones that speed up your metabolism to ensure that your mini is getting nutrients as fast as you. These hormones can be directly related to those night sweats.

What's more, the part of the brain that regulates your body heat is also impacted by this change in hormones. It's tricked into thinking it's a lot hotter then it actually is and therefore tries to cool down in the form of night sweats.

Sweating a lot during pregnancy is all part of the process. As your bump grows and your body adjusts to cater for two, you'll go through a lot of changes. Some of these can be uncomfortable to say the least but try to embrace them, Mama! Your little one is on their way!

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