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How To Predict the Gender of Your Baby!

How To Predict the Gender of Your Baby!
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Although we now live in an age where prenatal testing and ultrasounds allow us to know the sex of our babies with scientific accuracy, the standard ultrasound doesn’t reveal the gender of your baby until the 18th week. A lot of you mamas may not have the patience to wait that long, as soon as you find out you’re pregnant you’re impatiently waiting, dreaming of whether you’ll be having a gorgeous little boy or girl. To help you explore your curiosity we’ve put together a list of traditional ‘old wives tales’ to help predict the gender of your baby. Although the odds are 50:50 and the results may not be completely accurate trying to guess can still be a lot of fun!

 Sweet or Sour?

Craving pic a mix, grazing on biscuits or dreaming of ice cream at all hours of the day? Many people believe that this means you’re expecting a girl! If you have a love of salty or sour, then it’s a boy.

High or Low?

Different women’s bumps sit differently, but if traditions are to be believed if your bump is low and out to the front it’s a boy! A high bump is said to mean that you are carrying a girl

Breaking out?

If you suddenly find yourself breaking out and have dull, lack lustre hair it is traditionally believed that you are having a girl! It has been said that girls steal their mother’s beauty!

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Uneven boobs?

If your right boob looks bigger than your left it’s a girl and visa-versa!


The worst your morning sickness is the greater the chance is that you’re having a girl! If you’re surprisingly fine it’s more likely you’ll be having an easy-going little fella.

Moving in circles?

Take a ring (if you can get it off!) and attach it to a piece of thread, then lie down and dangle it over your stomach. If the ring swings in circles then it’s a girl! So if the ring swings back and forth like a pendulum then you’re having a boy!

A little more accuracy?

Have a little search of Chinese Birth Calendars where you can use your age and the month your baby was conceived to predict the gender. A lot of people have sworn this is surprisingly accurate so why not give it a go!

Although none have been proven true, and we’d definitely recommended asking for confirmation from your doctor before designing the nursery it’s always fun to give them a go and try and predict the gender of your baby!

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Writer and expert
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