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Superstar In A Jar ‘s Incredible Repertoire

Superstar In A Jar ‘s Incredible Repertoire
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Multi-Tasking To The Extreme

A million work emails to respond to, food to make, a nursery to plan, growing a baby!! and somehow you need to magically find the time to get your nails done, visit the hairdressers and make a pit stop at the gym. So how can Superstar In A Jar help a busy mama?

No-one knows how to multi task like a mama but Superstar In A Jar takes a close second at problem solving for you and your whole family (including baby!) The perfect size to just pop in your handbag, get healthy skin from top-to-toe on the go whenever you need it.

Superstar In A Jar 's Repertoire

We've popped together a few of our fave uses for this super balm below but get creative- the possibilities are endless!

  • Solve chapped lips woes
  • Pop on elbows, knees, heels, hands- ANYWHERE that needs moisture- quick!
  • Pregnancy got you achy? This makes a perfect massage balm, fragrance free for delicate pregnant noses
  • Tame wild brows with zero effort
  • Got a hungry new-born? Soothe cracked nipples caused by breastfeeding.
  • Mamahood got you too busy to make the trip to your hairdressers? Control unwanted frizzy ends, tame unruly hair and even influx some moisture into split ends
  • Safe to use on babies  - soothe dry scalps and moisturise chapped cheeks caused by teething and cold weather
  • Soothe and calm nappy area
  • Moisturise nails and cuticles
  • Perfectly handbag sized relieve taut itchy pregnant bellies on the spot
  • Add gloss to cheekbones or the arches of your brows with zero effort
  • Soothe skin post shaving
  • Put on itchy insect bites
  • Pop on your forehead around the hair line to prevent hair dye from running
  • Use as an after sun balm
  • Turn matte lipstick into gloss - this will also stop the lipstck from making your lips dry and sore
  • Prevent self-tan disasters by putting on your knees, elbows- any dry skin you don't want turning patchy
  • Make your perfume last longer

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Writer and expert
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