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‘Mama You’ve Got This’ Sneak Peeks: When will I feel my baby move?

‘Mama You’ve Got This’ Sneak Peeks: When will I feel my baby move?
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During pregnancy, you’re naturally going to have a million and one questions. That’s why we put together Mama You’ve Got This – a free, expert guide that’s all about bump-life and what to expect during the next nine months.

Chapter eight puts the spotlight on lifestyle – if there’s one thing that’s gonna change even more than your body, it’s your day-to-day life. But ultimately, you’ll get the biggest reward of all at the end: a baby that loves you more than anything!

Check out the below excerpt from the guide book, covering one of the most asked questions – when does the baby start moving?

When will I first feel my baby move?

When you feel that first flutter of movement inside your belly, it’s a pretty incredible moment. At this point you’ve had several ultrasounds to prove there is more than just an extra helping of spaghetti carbonara inside your belly. So, sure you’ve seen proof that there’s a baby growing inside of you, but that amazing feeling of a little life jabbing away inside your body is tangible proof that indeed you’re going to be a mama.

The first movement typically happens somewhere between 16 and 25 weeks. For first time mamas-to-be, it’s usually closer to the 25-week mark. Some mamas describe the first movement to feel like butterfly flutters, but I found it to be more like a bag of microwave popcorn with the kernels popping in my belly. This early movement, which is known as ‘quickening’, is an odd sensation but also kind of amazing.

As your pregnancy progresses, those light flutters can become real digs. You might get jabbed in your ribs or feel an elbow to your belly, depending on where your baby is positioned. You can even poke back were you felt a little foo kick and see if your baby feels like playing back with a return kick.

If you really want to get your baby to move, try drinking some juice. When your little one gets a rush from your blood sugar, it sometimes gives them a burst of energy. Outside light and noises could also cause your baby to throw a dance party in your utero. I remember going to the cinema during my first pregnancy and not being able to concentrate on what was on the screen due to the endless somersaults my son was doing in my belly.

Every baby is different and they movement patterns will vary. You may have a baby that loves to sleep while you’re out and about during the day. Or a baby that starts to get all antsy when it’s your bedtime. Talk to your doctor about how much movement you should be feeling a day. If you detect much less movement than typical, you should call your doctor immediately to be on the safe side. Your baby’s kicks are their first mode of communication with you. Enjoy it, because before you know it, they’ll be asking to borrow he car.

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