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Top 5 Items To Take On Holiday For Your Baby

Top 5 Items To Take On Holiday For Your Baby
Writer and expert8 years ago
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If you’re not used to travelling with a baby, then it may seem overwhelming. The amount of items that one little human needs is unbelievable. The list will only get longer as your departure date draws closer and it’s more than likely that they’ll be something you’ll forget – that’s where we come in!

As well as all the usual baby supplies e.g. nappies, wipes, bibs (you know the drill…) we think it’ll be worth you packing a few extras to make your time away as stress free as possible.

Plug in monitor

By not disturbing your baby’s routine, it’s more likely that they will remain the same happy baby as they are at home. Don’t forget to pack your baby monitor so you can enjoy your evening while your little one sleeps in the room next door.

Blackout Blinds

When your lie-ins are precious, each moment in bed is sacred. If your baby is prone to waking at sunrise, travel black out blinds are perfect for you! The compact packaging and lightweight material makes it easy to pop in your suitcase.

Swim Nappies

This is one that than many of our pregnancy experts have forgotten before! Travel swim nappies are an essential item that you’ll regret leaving behind. Swimming with your baby is an amazing feeling, especially if it’s for the first time – so don’t forget the necessities!

Sun Cream

Be sure to keep your baby out of direct sunlight and use factor 50! Invest in sun cream that is tailor made for babies and their sensitive skin. Be prepared with a hat, a water bottle and a mini fan to ensure that your baby is comfortable and enjoying their holiday.


Capture all the wonderful memories on camera and don’t forget the charger! We’re sure that you’ll want to remember all of those magical, precious moments for the rest of your life.

We hope you have a lovely time away with your family, enjoy every second!

Writer and expert
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