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Hypnobirthing – what is it and does it help you give birth?

Hypnobirthing – what is it and does it help you give birth?
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Hypnobirthing and the modern Mama

One of the biggest worries that many expectant Mamas have is labour itself. With so many different sources of information and so many different techniques apparently available, it's so hard to know what kind of birth is right for you. Hypnobirthing in particular has seen a sharp spike in popularity over recent years, leaving many Mamas asking; what is hypnobirthing and does it actually work?

In this excerpt from Mama You Got This, an honest guide to pregnancy, expert Melissa Schweiger Kleinman explores the truth behind this increasingly popular method and the different hypnobirthing techniques.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing might sound like some sort of trance-like state, where mama gives birth while also clucking like a chicken until a hypnotist snaps their fingers. Rather, it’s a technique similar to meditation that is applied specifically to the childbirth experience and has been gaining momentum of late. Hypnobirthing uses deep breathing and imagery techniques to help mamas deliver their babies naturally, but this method also allows for medical intervention if desired.


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Does hypnobirthing work?

The premise behind hypnobirthing is to relax and ease the mama’s mind and reassure her that childbirth does not need to involve pain. There are a number of different hypnobirthing programmes out there but the philosophy behind all of them is that giving birth is a completely natural process and it’s only our fear that leads to pain.

Women have been conditioned to think childbirth is painful and because of this fear, the body goes into fight or flight mode and prevents a pain-free labour and delivery. Hypnobirthing works by replacing fear with deep relaxation. If you’re one of those mamas who’s focused on the possible pain of labour, then hypnobirthing might be for you.

The great thing about this method is that it can be used at any birthing facility, at the hospital or home birth, and has been shown to help women have shorter and less painful labours. There are classes that you can take that will teach you how it’s done. Don’t expect miracles, but as long as your doctor approves, hypnobirthing could be a safe and easy way to usher on a more positive birthing experience.


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