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5 Ways Your Boobs Change During Pregnancy

5 Ways Your Boobs Change During Pregnancy
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Your body goes through all sorts of changes when you're pregnant. Some you expect and some are downright weird and completely unexpected. Although we love a surprise at mama mio as much as the next girl, when it comes to crazy things happening to our boobs we'd rather be in the know! Here's 5 ways your boobs change during pregnancy and how you can be prepared for them...

Growth Spurts

Suddenly found yourself with cups that runneth over? Congrats-you've just been awarded a temporary boob job! One of the earliest signs of pregnancy, mamas frequently find that just six weeks into their pregnancy their breasts have grown a full cup size or more! Remember as your boobs change during pregnancy so should your bras. Look for ones with the right amount of support for your new even more amazing boobs and remember to update as your pregnancy progresses.

Unfortunately as your bra has to stretch to accommodate your new-mama boobs so does your skin. Relieve that itching, soothe, hydrate and keep your boobs aiming North not South with our Pregnancy Boob Tube. Chocked full of amazing elasticising, firming and hydrating ingredients which are all perfectly pregnancy and breastfeeding safe.


Most commonly experienced during the first trimester many mamas experience sore boobs during pregnancy. Caused by an increased blood supply to your boobs and the quick growth of milk ducts. Some lucky ladies don't notice much difference, for others even a slight brush against their boobs is agony. Remember to wear well-fitted maternity bras, try wearing a light cotton sleep bra to bed,  be extra super careful not to knock them and apply a 'hands off!' rule till they start to feel less tender.

Leaky Boobs

Although there's no need for your milk supply till baby arrives, your boobs start to produce colostrum somewhere between the end of your 1st trimester and the end of your 3rd. This watery 'pre-milk' is full of antibodies and will help your baby's immune system immediately after birth. Until then leaky boobs are just a bit og an inconvenience to your day to day life. You can buy breast pads to soak up the milk and stop it going through to your clothes.

Nipple Changes

Hormonal changes mean that the shape, colour and size of your nipples will begin to change to prepare for breastfeeding. You may develop little raised bumps on the the surface of your nipples called Montgomery tubercles. These are small glands that product oils to prevent your nipples cracking or drying out during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Finding these aren't doing their job? Our Keep Calm Nipple Balm can help as your boobs change during pregnancy by keeping them moisturised and soothed.

Lumps And Bumps

Some pregnant women experience lumps in their boobs during pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, fibrous tissue or cysts in the milk ducts. These lumps are more than often benign but always remember to go see your doctor to be checked out just to be safe and to keep peace of mind.


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