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It’s OK to admit you’re not enjoying being pregnant

It’s OK to admit you’re not enjoying being pregnant
Writer and expert7 years ago
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It’s OK to admit you’re not enjoying being pregnant

Pregnancy. It’s a wonderful, miraculous thing, you’re creating life and there’s nothing more special than that. Some Mamas love being pregnant, feeling their baby kick and watching their little one grow inside them is something incomparable. That being said, pregnancy for some women can be overwhelmingly difficult and it can be hard to admit you're not enjoying being pregnant. Your body changes in ways you never imagined leaving it unrecognisable, then add on top of that an overflow of hormones, changing relationships, financial worries and much more.

Maybe you are one of these women who find pregnancy overwhelming, hard-work and not exactly enjoyable, physically or mentally. How do you talk about your pregnancy when you don’t exactly want to wax lyrical about the miracle of life and everyone else you know is gushing about how much they loved being pregnant? When does it stop being baby blues and start being a matter for concern?

Hiding these concerns and pretending everything is ok can be incredibly isolating and may leave you with feelings of guilt. However, you need to know not enjoying being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person, or a bad mother.

Pregnancy-related anxiety

This is a real thing and it’s no small feat you’ve signed up to. Many mamas find themselves concerned and feeling down about;

  • Morning Sickness
  • Exhaustion
  • Doctors’ appointments and medical concerns
  • Seeing their body change
  • Feeling restricted by their new life
  • Worries about how this will affect their work life
  • Worries about how this will affect their personal relationships
  • Financial concerns
  • General fear of the unknown future

Not enjoying every day of pregnancy is entirely normal. Every woman and their experience is different and there’s no need to feel alone in this. Talking to your partner, trusted friends or close family members about how you’re feeling will help you realise it's nothing to be ashamed of. It’s OK not to love every second of pregnancy or even much of it at all, it doesn’t change the fact you love your baby nor will it affect what kind of mother you will be.

What about antenatal depression?

Although to some extend having the ‘baby blues’ is completely normal, you could however be suffering from Antenatal depression. Signs of depression can include the inability to concentrate, difficulty remembering, feeling emotionally detached, sleeping too much or not enough, an ongoing feeling of dread, feeling like a failure, feeling isolated and extreme irritability. If your everyday life during pregnancy involves one or more of these symptoms, it could be the time to recognise that your ‘baby blues’ aren’t something you can deal with alone and go talk to your doctor. Talking to a professional can help identify the factors causing your depression and get you the right kind of help to deal with it properly. Ensuring you’re in best possible mental and physical health for you and your baby.


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