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Support in All the Right Areas: The Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube

Support in All the Right Areas: The Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Introducing the Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube

We're showing our support for Breast Cancer Awareness by introducing a new Limited Edition version of our Pregnancy Boob Tube. With this new eye-catching Limited Edition packaging our latest edition still has the same incredible boob-boosting formula as the original. At Mama Mio we are proud to donate £10,000 to international support charity Look Good Feel Better every year. Read on to find out more about our newest launch and more info on the fab charity Look Good Feel Better.

Who are Look Good Feel Better? 

Look Good Feel Better is a global cancer support charity that works hard in providing practical support for women who are struggling with the side effects of cancer. This superb charity helps women with cancer through free skincare and make-up workshops that help create a sense of support, confidence, and well-being in a difficult time. Many women find that cancer not only strips them of a lot of their energy and physical strength but confidence too. With the support of Look Good Feel Better cancer need not take away a woman's self confidence.


Same Super Formula

The skin on your décolleté is super fragile and lacks elasticity, so it’s always important to protect it from rapid growth as your cup size changes throughout pregnancy and new-mamahood. Our Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube is ultra-rich in natural omegas to help lock in hydration and strengthen and elasticise skin.

Breast Cancer and Pregnancy

We believe it’s super important to make mamas aware of the risk of breast cancer during pregnancy. When you’re pregnant hormones skyrocket causing denser breast tissue making it more difficult to recognise life threatening changes. Plus, you’re far more likely to dismiss a lump thinking it’s a hormonal change due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, especially since your body is ever changing during pregnancy.

Pregnancy associated breast cancer affects around 1 in 3000 pregnant women and is the second most common malignancy affecting pregnancy. We encourage all women, including mamas-to-be to check their breasts, and if our Limited Edition Pregnancy Boob Tube can help them do that, even the better.

Writer and expert
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