Mama Mio Has Launched at Boots!

Have you heard the news, Mama? Boots has a new arrival, Mama Mio and Mini Mio! From London, to Cardiff, to Aberdeen, you can now get your pregnancy and baby skincare essentials in your local high street store* 

Founded in 1849, John Boot opened his first herbalist store in Nottingham, opening the doors to affordable, alternative medicine enabling the poorest to help themselves. Fast forward to 2022, and Boots is now the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer, and with over 2,200 stores, they have supported mothers and babies for years, making them the perfect match for us, the pregnancy skincare experts! 

Whether you’re just popping in for ‘a few bits’ (which we know always turns into a full beauty haul!), or you want to browse your favourite Mama Mio and Mini Mio products in person, head to your local high street store to pick up your treats.  

Where Can I Get Them? 

But where can you grab your goodies? We’re available in over 400 Boots stores across the country, so there’s bound to be one near you! Head down to your local Boots to find your pregnancy and baby skincare essentials today.*

What’s On The Shelves?  

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butters: Original, Supersize and Fragrance Free. 

Your favourite stretch mark protection creams are now available at Boots! Clinically proven** to increase skin elasticity and moisture, our vegan and cruelty-free butter is expertly formulated and dermatologically tested to nourish and soothe growing bumps. The Original and Supersize versions sport our iconic, 100% natural citrus blend of orange and bergamot for a refreshing boost. For mamas with sensitive noses, particularly in their first trimester, try our Fragrance Free option for all the moisturising benefits but no scent.  

98% of mamas agreed skin felt supple and more elastic and would recommend to fellow mamas*** 

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oils: Original and Supersize 

Is the skin on your bump feeling or tight? Our Tummy Rub Oil is here for you! Formulated with the same protective ingredients as our Tummy Rub Butter, our oil is still clinically proven** to increase skin elasticity and moisture, helping to protect against stretch marks but with a silky, lightweight texture. Simply glide over your bump to reduce the itch and give yourself a pamper.  

100% of mamas agreed skin felt instantly soothed and supple and would recommend to fellow mamas***

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Scrub 

Working as the first step in any mama-to-be’s pregnancy skincare routine, Tummy Rub Scrub is a gentle yet effective exfoliator, expertly formulated to buff away dryness, reveal silky smooth skin and prepare bumps for the perfect application of the Tummy Rub Butter or Oil, helping them absorb more effectively! Packed with our Omega-rich Skin Stretch Complex for the ultimate nourishment, as well as pumice and volcanic sands for exfoliation that doesn’t damage delicate skin.  

97% of mamas agreed skin felt instantly smoother, looked more radiant and would recommend to fellow mamas*** 

Mama Mio Pregnancy Boob Tube 

Formulated to soothe boobs that are growing or breastfeeding, or both, Pregnancy Boob Tube leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Our clinically proven** formula increases skin elasticity and moisture, helping to protect growing boobs against stretch marks. Infused with highly effective ingredients including Squalene to protect against dryness, Aloe Vera to soothe, cool uncomfortable skin, and Cabbage Leaf Extract, renowned for its soothing properties.  

95% of mamas agreed that skin felt relieved and refreshed and would recommend to fellow mamas*** 

Mama Mio Keep Calm Nipple Balm 

In need of instant comfort and relief from dry, cracked or sore nipples? Our award-winning Keep Calm Nipple Balm is designed to soothe nipples throughout pregnancy and when you’re breastfeeding! Formulated with a blend of natural butters and oils, including Shea Butter and Coconut Oil, these ingredients work together to lock in moisture and protect skin from dryness. We also use a vegetable substitute for medical-grade lanolin which is completely vegan (like all of our products!). Safe to use when breastfeeding, simply wipe off the excess and get feeding, Mama!  

95% of mamas agreed that nipples felt instantly soothed with improved comfort for sore, delicate nipples*** 

Mini Mio Comfort & Calm Bum Balm 

Say hello to the ultimate baby bum cream, for happy nappies! A combination of our Skin-Nurturing Omega Complex, Cocoa Butter and Sunflower Wax leave a protective layer over baby’s skin, leaving it looking and feeling calm, super soft and instantly moisturised at every nappy change. 

98% of parents agreed baby’s skin was left with a protective feeling barrier***

Mini Mio Beddy Byes Bath Milk

The perfect addition to a calming nighttime routine, Beddy Byes Bath Milk is expertly formulated by our dermatologists and paediatrician-approved, creating a soft, milky bath that gently cleanses sensitive, delicate baby skin. Charged again with our Skin-Nurturing Omega Complex and a 100% natural, calming fragrance of a gentle Lavender scent to help get baby ready for bedtime.

97% of parents agreed baby’s skin was left looking and feeling soft****

Mini Mio Sweet Cheeks Face and Body Lotion 

Keeping baby’s skin soft, smooth and nourished from top to tiny toe, Sweet Cheeks Face and Body Lotion is the perfect, lightweight moisturiser for delicate baby skin. Our gentle lotion is rich in Vitamin E and Cotton Seed Oil as well as our Skin Nurturing Omega Complex to give soothing comfort to dry skin. 

98% of parents agreed baby’s skin was left looking and feeling soft and protected from dryness*** 

Mini Mio Tub Time Bath Bubbles 

Create sensorial fun at bath time with this baby-safe bubble bath! Tub Time Bath Bubbles leaves skin looking and feeling clean, nourished, and protected, creating lots of little bubbles for baby to enjoy and interact with. Suitable for sensitive skin and paediatrician-approved, our bath bubbles help you enhance those precious moments of bonding, together. 

98% of parents agreed baby’s skin was left looking and feeling clean*** 

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*Available at larger Boots stores. Subject to availability. 

**Based on a 2-week independent clinical trial of 20 women. 

***Tested on 30 pregnant and 30 non-pregnant women with stretch marks, in a 2-week independent consumer trial. 

****Tested with 60 parents in a 2-week independent consumer trial.

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