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How To Enjoy Your Pre-Baby Maternity Leave

How To Enjoy Your Pre-Baby Maternity Leave
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Whilst you're at work pre-baby maternity leave sounds like a dream, a week or two of pure bliss before the whirl-wind that is life with a new born begins. However in reality it can be kind of boring. There's not nearly enough repeats of old episodes of Come Dine With Me or Jeremy Springer to really keep you entertained and everyone else is still busy working 9-5 leaving you alone a lot of the time with only scary thoughts of labour to keep you company. Take a look at our top tips of things to get done before baby arrives in order to make the most of your pre-baby maternity leave.

Splurge On Something Special

Forget about a push present from your partner treat yourself to a pregnancy present. Often once baby arrives 'mama guilt' sets in whenever you splurge on something purely for yourself. Think of that something you've coveted for a while and take the plunge. The last few weeks before your little one arrives are the perfect time to do something especially for you.

Pamper Yourself

You've been carrying around another human for almost 9 months and you have aches and pains in places you didn't even know existed. As your pregnancy progresses those feeble, half-hearted massages you've demanded from your partner/ friend/whoever will oblige aren't really doing the trick. Invest in a little time for yourself with a professional who specialises in pregnancy massages to make sure you and baby are both getting the best treatment available.

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Make A Trip To The Cinema

As soon as baby is born the only movies you'll be seeing will probably involve cartoon animals and a variety of harmonising princesses all accompanied with a U rating. Go see the biggest blockbusters out, watch movie after movie and embrace the fact that these sweets and chocolates are all for you. Going to the cinema as a mama with child in tow makes for a whole different experience.

Do A Little Life Prep

Your pre-baby maternity leave is probably going to be the last time you'll have a little extra time on your hands. Once baby is born getting organised is only going to get more and more difficult. Wash all your baby clothes and blankets, set up the nursery and stock up on nappies, bottles and any other emergency supplies. Install your car seat and get to grips with packing up and unpacking your pram- sounds easy enough but chances are you'll need a couple practice runs. If you still feel like you've got time to spare cook up a storm and make some big batches of your favourite meals to pop in the freezer. When things get overwhelming being able to just stick a meal in the oven can feel like a Godsend.

Relax, Relax, Relax

Invite your girlfriends round for a big catch up, take a weekend break with your partner or just spend some time at home. Before you know it your little miracle will have arrived and they'll be the only one you have eyes for.

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Writer and expert
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