Navigating the Fourth Trimester: Essential Tips for New Moms

Midwife of many years, hypnobirthing teacher and founder of The British Birthing Academy.@midwife_vic is our expert resident midwife giving tips, advice and answer to your questions about all things pregnancy and birth.

So what even is the fourth trimester?

Well it’s everything from your birth and beyond and it can be a bit of a bumpy landing sometimes. With a huge adjustment to your life, a little human to look after and a serious lack of sleep, planning your postnatal period is a top tip for enjoying your fourth trimester. 

Here are some of our expert resident expert Midwife Vic’s top tips as you navigate through those first few weeks. 

Plan Ahead

Anything that you can plan ahead of time, you should plan ahead. Things such as food and household items can be sourced ahead of time so your brain doesn’t have to be bogged down with those additional bits. There are some great meal prep companies out there that just take the guesswork and prep out of it for you. Stock up on things like loo roll, and cleaning products so you can focus on you and your baby in those first few weeks. 


Whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or expressing, feeding will take up a lot of your time, energy and effort in those first few weeks. Mastering those skills can be tricky at first and the single best thing you can do for you and your baby – is ask for help. Investing the time into getting the basics around breastfeeding right, understanding positioning and attachment and that feedback loop when it comes to your lactation will give you such a foundation to build on 


You’re going to be very focused on your baby, but you are also recovering from your birth. You should expect to bleed for the first few weeks, to possibly need pain relief medications as you recover from very physical changes to your body such as a perineal tear or c-section scar. Resting is critical. I know that sounds counterintuitive when you have a baby to care for, but think of it as active rest, allowing your body time to heal and build the tissues back together. Make sure to reach out to a physiotherapist that can help you navigate the changes in your body and manage some of the recovery that is standard from a pregnancy such as diastasis recti separation. Talking to experts in the fourth trimester and recovery will allow you insight into what’s normal and what isn’t, giving you a real informed view on when to seek help. 

Remember, mama!

The fourth trimester of pregnancy can be a hazy time, between sleepless nights and forgetting to prioritize yourself at times. Lean on the people that love you. Family, friends and your partner are there to help, let them. This is not all on you, even though sometimes it feels overwhelming like it is. Try not to measure yourself up against social media mums, and timelines that show quick turn arounds from birth to walking in the park. Take it easy, slowly and know that you will figure out a rhythm that works for you.

Ask for help, accept the help, and know that you are not alone.

Laetitia Sida

Laetitia Sida

Writer and expert