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Top 5 Tips for Travelling When Pregnant

Top 5 Tips for Travelling When Pregnant
Josie Wilkins
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Craving some vitamin sea, Mama? Are you dreaming of a beach holiday accompanied with some mocktails and sun-loungers? A penciled in holiday is always a joy to look forward to. However, as your trip comes around the corner, you might be feeling a little apprehensive about travelling when pregnant. Getting through airport security is stressful enough without the extra baggage of a little one in your belly! But everyone deserves a holiday, especially you, Mama! So don't worry. We've done the research and covered some questions you might have about travelling when pregnant so you can look forward to your break in peace.

Keep reading to learn about if it's safe to go on holiday when pregnant and what to know on your travels carrying baby.

Is it safe to go on holiday when pregnant?

Whether it is safe to go on holiday when pregnant largely depends on the following: how far on your journey you are, how its going, and where you want to go.

Your plans should be discussed with your GP or midwife. However, if you're looking for some peace of mind, according to Mayo Clinic, commercial air travel is generally considered safe before week 36 if you have a healthy pregnancy.

Reasons why you may be cautioned against the idea are usually down to whether you've experienced pregnancy complications or if you are just too close to your baby's due-date. What's more, some areas are high-risk when it comes to illnesses that can be caused by mosquito bites, such as malaria or the Zika virus.

You want your journey to be as easy as possible Mama, so do a little research into where you plan to travel to before booking anything!

Can you travel when pregnant?

So now that we've covered whether it is safe to go on holiday when pregnant, let's take a look into actually travelling when pregnant.

Travelling abroad when pregnant

If travelling abroad when pregnant, you're likely to be going by air which always brings some concerns. What about the air pressure? The lower humidity? Can it be harmful to the baby or trigger an early labour?

To put it short, flying isn't harmful to you or your baby, and there's no research that shows it will trigger your water to break. However, you should always discuss any health issues or pregnancy complications with your midwife or doctor before-hand.

When can you fly when pregnant?

For obvious reasons you may want to avoid being thousands of feet in the air around your due date, but when can you fly when pregnant?

Some mamas prefer not to travel in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to morning sickness and the fatigue that comes with the body adapting to this new journey.

On the other hand, travelling can be extra uncomfortable and tiring in the final months of pregnancy too.

So, although the time when you can fly when pregnant depends on what is comfortable for you, most women find the best time to travel or take a holiday is mid-pregnancy, between 4 and 6 months.

Travelling when pregnant top tips

So, once you've got the go ahead from your medical practitioner and you're ready to get packing, here's some of our top tips for travelling abroad when pregnant.

  1. First things first, choose an aisle seat. You'll know at this point that trips to the bathroom have become frequent and often urgent, so you'll want easy access to that aeroplane loo! What's more, if there's an option, a seat over the wing is possibly the smoothest ride. Anything helps to calm the nauseous feelings Mama!
  2.  On flights longer than four hours, there is a larger risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis, where a blood clot forms in a vein. However, you can reduce this risk with loose clothing, keeping hydrated and moving about regularly and easily thanks to your aisle seat. Try to move the body every 30 minutes or so.
  3. To help with leg and feet swelling, you can buy a pair of compression stockings from a pharmacy. After the flight, try lathering on some Mama Mio Lucky Legs Cooling Gel to soothe and provide refreshing relief to weary, puffy pins.
    pregnant woman massaging legs
  4.  As mentioned, the time when you can fly when pregnant depends on what is comfortable and suitable for you, however the 2nd Trimester is usually when the morning sickness calms, energy regains and you're still be able to see your feet!
  5. Finally, after week 28 of your journey, be prepared for the airline to ask for a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date! Some airlines will not allow you to travel past 37 weeks, so make sure you've done your research and have your documentation at the ready.

To conclude, travelling when pregnant can run smoothly with the right prep, Mama! The stage when you can fly when pregnant is specific to you. Once you feel comfortable, have been given the medical go ahead and have done your research, you can consider it safe to go on holidays when pregnant. Enjoy your trip, Mama!

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