What are Konjac Sponges and What are They Used for?

How are you feeling, mama? No matter where you are in your journey, there are some changes you’ll experience while your little one is en route. Aside from the rapidly expanding tummy, are your cheeks rosier than usual? Does your hair fall down into a thick, enviable mane? These are some of the perks that come with an influx of hormones! On the other hand, you may find yourself feeling a little emotional these days. All of a sudden, a stack of dirty dishes has the potential to set off the water-works. This sensitivity doesn’t stop with your feelings. Your skin might also be extra-tender during these nine months. How can you have a scrub in the shower when the harsh scrape of a loofah sends a shiver up your spine? Enter: konjac sponges.

What are konjac sponges and what do they do? We feel your curiosity, mama. Keep reading for all of your konjac sponge questions, answered.

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What does a konjac sponge do

There are plenty of scrubs and brushes these days that call themselves ‘gentle’ but can feel like barbed wire against your delicate skin. Your soft bump deserves better than that! So what are konjac sponges and what do they do differently? Well, this cleaning tool was originally invented by Japanese farmers to wash their babies’ skin because the sponge itself is so subtle and natural. So, you can really rest assured that it will exfoliate your skin ever-so-gently, no matter how sensitive you may feel.

If it’s your first time using your sponge, simply soak it in warm water beforehand to allow it to expand and soften. Give it a light squeeze and release any excess moisture. Massage your body in circular motions to allow the konjac sponge to do what it does best- get rid of those lifeless skin cells and make way for the bright ones underneath.

The konjac sponge can do its work all on it’s own, however, we’d recommend pairing it with the moisturising Megamama Shower Milk for an extra cleanse. According to Healthline, it’s common to feel your skin getting dry during pregnancy. The Megamama Shower Milk is packed full of omegas to intensely hydrate for smooth, supple and beautifully soft skin from top to toe.

What is the konjac sponge made of

At this point, you may be wondering what actually is a konjac sponge? What is this complex little tool made of that allows it to be so exfoliating yet somehow still so gentle? The answer is much simpler and natural than you may think!

The konjac sponge is made from the delicate plant fibres of the konjac root, a porous root vegetable that grows in Asia. The plant has been a dietary staple in Japan for centuries. In fact, nuPasta claims that when konjac foods were originally introduced, they were considered a delicacy and only available to the royal family in Japan.

Today, we’re lucky enough to have the plant in the form of a vegan-friendly exfoliating tool sitting firmly in the midst of the beauty industry. It’s no wonder the konjac sponge comes with so many benefits!

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What are the benefits of a konjac sponge

So, what are the benefits of the konjac sponge? Well, we’ve established that part of what a konjac sponge does is buff away dry skin and flakes, irritation and scrape-free. However, it also unclogs the pores so your skin is left feeling soft to touch and as smooth as a baby’s bottom! Plus, with less build-up, it allows moisturisers and other products to absorb better. It creates the perfect skin base for all your favourite Mama Mio products to sink deeply into.

Follow up with our Megamama Body Lotion for a zap of hydration into your skin. The unique blend of Avocado Oil, Inchi Oil and Argan Oil will deeply absorb to help keep your skin elastic, supple and strong for the 9 month stretch.

The benefits of the konjac sponge continue. The konjac sponge is made of nature’s ingredient, a plant. It’s free from harsh chemicals which is an essential for your delicate body at the moment! Not to mention, as konjac sponges are biodegradable, you can compost them when they’re all used up. You’re not just saving your skin, you’re playing your part for the environment too!

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Now is a more important time than ever to look after yourself, mama. With your little one on their way, you have enough on your plate without adding irritated, dry skin to the mix! Leave the harsh scrubs and bristles to one side for the moment and give your skin the soft, subtle care it deserves. If you’ve pulled through the first trimester and are now at the second stage of your journey, take a look at our guide for Pregnancy Bodycare For The Second Trimester!

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