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Top 10 Boy And Girl Baby Names Forecast For 2016

Top 10 Boy And Girl Baby Names Forecast For 2016
Annie Buckley
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When you were growing up were you the only one in your class with your name or did the teacher have to distinguish you by calling you Sarah S or Sarah T?

If you are in the process of picking out a baby name then you might want to have a look below at the Top 10 baby names for boys and girls forecast for 2016. Depending on whether you are still scared from having a popular name as a child, you might decide to veto a name because it's going to be too popular or you might love it so much that you'd be happy to keep it all the same!

Top 10 girls names:

1. Emma

The name Emma has ranked in the top 5 names for the past 5 years. It has English origins and was derived from the Old German word for 'whole' or 'universal'. Popular celebrities with the name Emma at the moment are Emma Stone (Spiderman), Emma Watson (Harry Potter) and  Emma Roberts (Unfabulous) .

2. Olivia

Olivia is a Shakespearean name which literally translates into olive tree. You'll notice that the boys version of Olivia, Oliver also features in the boys top 10 list. Some Olivias that are prominent at the moment are Olivia Wilde (House), Olivia Munn (X-Men) and Olivia the Pig (children's tv show).

3. Ava

Ava is thought to have come the word 'avis' which means bird or potentially an adaption of the name, Eve. The name is thought to by made popular by American actress and singer, Ava Gardener  and has been popular since about 2005 with celebrities such as Heath Lockear, Reese Witherspoon and Hugh Jackman all naming their daughters Ava.

4. Sophia

The name Sophia was a name commonly used by European royalty in the middle ages and is adopted from the greek word for 'wisdom'. Popular Sophias at the moment include Sofia Vergara (Modern Family), Princes Sofia of Sweden (wife of Prince Carl Philip) and of course, Andy Murray & Kim Sear's new baby girl, Sophia Olivia.

5. Isabella

Isabella is derived from a Spanish/ Italian version of Elizabeth and is thought to mean 'pledged to God'. The popularity of the name surged around the time that the Twilight movies starring  Isabella Swan hit our screens.

Notable mentions for positions 6-10:

6 - Mia, 7 - Charlotte, 8 - Harper, 9 - Amelia, 10 - Madison

Top 10 boys names

1. Noah

Noah is the number 1 popular boys name for 2016. The name is derived from the meaning 'rest' and 'wandering' and of course the biblical figure of Noah from Noah's Arc. More recently the name has been made popular by the movie Noah and from celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio (Victorias Secret model) and Megan Fox (actress and model) giving this name to their sons.

2. Liam

Meaning 'resolute protection', Liam is the Irish short form of Uilliam (Williams). The name starting rising up the popularity charts around the time that Liam Neeson hit the screens in the movie Taken and is also thought to be popular via Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) and Liam Payne (One Direction).

3. Mason

Mason comes from the occupation as a stone mason (maker). The name become increasingly trendy when Kourtney Kardashian named her son Mason in 2009 and has since  been adopted by other celebrities for their sons' including Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) and Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys). It's also becoming an increasingly popular name for girls.

4. Ethan

Ethan comes for the hebrew word for 'strong' and 'firm and is often spelt Eitan of Eytan. Well known Ethan's include Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible character played by Tom Cruise) and Ethan Hawke (Dead Poets Society).

5. Lucas

A modern adaptation on 'Luke', Lucas mean 'light giving' or 'illumination'. The name is often associated with George Lucas (creator of Star Wars), Lucas Black (Fast & the Furious) and a whole lot of soccer and sports stars!

Notable mentions for positions 6-10:

6 - Aiden, 7 - Elijah, 8 - Oliver, 9 - Logan, 10 - James

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